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Questions? You can browse through our FAQ or you can call us where we're happy to help. 

  • How long does it take to get a quote?
    We aim to give you a very reasonable quote ASAP. You can either fill out our free quote form and submit, or you can also contact us by phone and speak to one of our friendly representiatives.
  • How much is the deposit for confirming a move with you?
    All we ask is £50 to confirm your move with us. This is non refundable.
  • What additional services do you offer on top of a basic move?
    1) A Powerman - Can help with heavy lifting all the boxes and heavy furniture. Takes off uncessary stress and back pain the following day. 2) Packing Materials - We can supply you with the packing mateirals you require. (Boxes, tape etc) 3) Dismantling & Reassembly - Need help with dismantling furniture? We can dismantle and then reassemble at your new property. 4) Storage - We can store your goods if you're not moving the same day.
  • "How much do you cost?""
    It depends on how far you move, how much you're moving, the volume of the products you're transporting, additional services you require etc which will all be included in your free quote which you can either call us for or fill out our free quote enquiry form online where we will then call you back to ask for additional details on your move.
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